Venus + X

3 channel HD video installation

Venus + X is a three-channel video installation that seeks to simulate both a fantastical and satirical view of Technoculture and its intersections with the new-age spiritual movement of the West. This movement, known as technomysticism is a practice that incorporates the ideas of transcendence from the physical body through the use of technological devices while inhabiting virtual spaces. In this video, virtual spaces are initially activated by the presence of disembodied hands, which enter the frame as a reference to my own practice as a media artist working with a machine to create my work. As the video evolves, viewers will see different virtual environments that simulate and de-simulate where-in female forms emerge to perform pseudo-rituals. Other visual motifs and animations appear that reference mystical symbols and new-age technologies. The soundtrack fuses electronic music along with other atmospheric sounds in order to support the disparate visual landscapes. The final scene, which was recorded using the Kinect device and the code environment, Processing, intends to articulate a kind of final stage of transcendence through technology--where image and form become articulated through numbers, data, particles, ephemeral matter and energy.

Please note: this video is a single channel edit of all 3 channels. The quality has been reduced for optimum playback. Please view on full screen mode with headphones.